Bill Lynch

Founder & Chairman of the Board


Mr. Lynch is the owner and president of the William D. Lynch Company and the founder and chairman of the board for the William D. Lynch Foundation for Children, founded in 1989.   William Lynch has been an active member of the greater San Diego area for almost 40 years.  His philanthropic focus has been education and children.   He has contributed time and resources to many organizations throughout the community and received numerous recognitions including “Man of the Year” from the San Diego Nice Guys and the “Champion for Children Award” from the San Diego County Office for Education.

Mr. Lynch’s impact and contributions extend far beyond Southern California.  The William D. Lynch Foundation for Children’s (Foundation) mission is to organize, motivate and support the care and education of children.  One of the organizations Mr. Lynch helped form was the Reading Recovery Council of North America founded in 1996. The Reading Recovery program is recognized as one of the most effective programs for at-risk readers.  That program is now in every state and in over 8,000 schools and 20 universities.

Recently, the Foundation has expanded its commitment to care for children by partnering with law enforcement to stop child sex trafficking.  The efforts of the Foundation include education, prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation.