Bridges of Hope Assistance Request Form


Bridges of Hope application process has a few requirements to ensure proper bookkeeping for the organization and follow up between the person requesting funds and the organization. A few documents are needed when requesting support. We are able to make exceptions but they must be approved before funds can be granted.

If requesting funding for rent, car needs, medical needs, or bills, we are going to request a proof of the late notice within the last 30 days given from the time of the request being submitted. If a late notice is not able to be retrieved, a business letter including letterhead from the provider in which the check is being requested to pay is requested before providing the needed amount for support. Example: If SDGE is being threatened to be disconnected, a photo of the bill or disconnection notice is needed to be emailed to All information being submitted will be kept confidential.

If requesting funds for a basic need such as; hygiene products, diapers, food, formula, etc…, a picture of the receipt must be provided from the store within 3-5 days of the funds being spent. If not completed, it could slow down the process of your next request for support. We understand the difficulties with the situation and are open to supporting you with the process.

Different information is needed for other types of support, however this can be discussed after the form is submitted.

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