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Seeds of Hope is intended to help survivors further their career goals; awards will go to projects or opportunities that directly fuel survivors' personal growth and provides hope to others.

Eligibility Criteria:


Please be on notice that we will need something to show survivorship. (Examples include: a statement, call, or nomination from a case manger, trafficking service provider, or the San Diego Survivor Leader Network, or legal documents stating they were served as a victim of trafficking.) 

Direct Survivor Support:

Seeds of Hope funds are intended to directly benefit survivors’ goals, therefore funding must go to survivors or to directly benefit survivors.

Career Support Only:

Funds may only be used for career purposes. Seeds of Hope is an NOT an emergency fund (for example, we do not provide money for gas, car assistance, food, hygiene products, housing and shelter, and child care). We do understand that these are necessities and are quite possibly part of one having a successful career. Therefore, if these needs are very challenging to fulfill right now, please let us know.

We will contact only eligible nominations and applicants by phone or email.

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Are you a survivor of trafficking? *
Does your project proposal benefit survivors of trafficking? *
What are you seeking funding for? Please provide a brief description of the project, training, or opportunity that you would like to use Seeds of Hope funding to complete.
Please let us know what the goals are for your project or opportunity. Can you specify what outcomes you are seeking? (ex: I would like to complete training to be a cosmetologist, I would like to attend the Survivor Leadership Conference in Washington, DC on May 1, I would like to write a publication or article for a newspaper or magazine reporting on trafficking)
Please submit a budget for the funds. How will you use the funding? Please be as specific as possible. (Ex: Cosmetology school fees are $X, test fee is $X and licensing fee is $X)
Will travel be a challenge or create a barrier to get the project completed? If yes, please briefly explain.